Build A School

Education changes lives forever.

- Good Shepherd Academy

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Build A Future

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela

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Be the Change

When you educate a girl; you educate a nation.

- African proverb

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Support the intellectual, spiritual and physical growth of coed secondary/high school students in Cameroon, West Africa; to enable them to support themselves and their families; and to foster their engagement as active citizens.

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Imaginig Tomorrow Video June 2017

Only 6 out of 100 Cameroonian Youth graduate from secondary/high school.

6 out of 100

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Ripples on a Pond

Ripples on a Pond

You never know where the goodness will stop when you donate your hard-earned dollars to Good Shepherd SLF. Take the story of Lawrence Ngwa Kongoh for example, Project Manager of Good Shepherd Academy, a coed residential secondary school in Bafut, Cameroon. “Good Shepherd Academy has completely changed my life,” Lawrence shared recently. How did it all happen?   Since 2002,… read more

Reflecting on Tomorrow

Anxious for an Excellent Education

Anxious for an Excellent Education

“Education will enable me to become the person I want to be. That is why I anxiously want to study in the most prestigious secondary/high school in my own country. I welcome you with open arms, Good Shepherd Academy!”

Awasum Benedict