Ripples on a Pond

LawrenceYou never know where the goodness will stop when you donate your hard-earned dollars to Good Shepherd SLF. Take the story of Lawrence Ngwa Kongoh for example, Project Manager of Good Shepherd Academy, a coed residential secondary school in Bafut, Cameroon. “Good Shepherd Academy has completely changed my life,” Lawrence shared recently. How did it all happen?


Since 2002, Lawrence has lovingly managed Good Shepherd Home for Children in Bamenda along with Sister Jane Mankaa. A dedicated, tireless worker he was encouraged by Sister Jane to further his education. After some soul searching, he enrolled at National Polytechnic in Bambei, Cameroon and graduated in 2014 with a degree in Civil Engineering.

GSA TowerThat same year, Good Shepherd SLF hired MSAADA Architects, an international nonprofit architectural firm with 35 years experience completing over 800 institutions in developing nations. To build Good Shepherd Academy, MSAADA needed an on-site Project Manager. With a preference for carefully training local people who can manage the building for years to come, MSAADA’s search began. Lawrence Ngwa Kongoh was ready and deemed up to the task.

Thanks to your generous support, we were able to break ground in October 2015 and hire Lawrence as our Project Manager.

Rising at 6 am each morning, Lawrence is eager to begin work managing up to 30 employees per day. “Our basic crew of 20 is divided into two groups — general laborers and builders,” Lawrence explains. “A general laborer’s job is pretty self-explanatory. To become a builder, however, requires a three-year apprenticeship. A person is then qualified to be a mason, concrete worker, plasterer, and all associated skills to raise a building. We also have numerous subcontractors from roofers to electricians to plumbers to painters who are regularly on site. All are eager to work on our project because they know they will be paid in a timely manner.”

Calgary Center
The Calvary Centre and Phase 2 Construction On Time/On Budget!

“My life will never be the same again,” Lawrence continues. “I have been able to buy land and build a home for my family. I own a car now, which was impossible before. I have helped my parents, as well. I also believe it’s important to help others in my village who aren’t as blessed as I am to have a job like this. I assist in the sponsorship of poor children in government primary schools. I protect and donate watershed trees to seven villages in Bafut because water is life. Without our donors in the United States, none of this would be possible,” he adds with gratitude.

How true it is that when we donate our hard-earned dollars to Good Shepherd SLF, we never know where the goodness will stop. Most of us give to educate children, which is our primary mission, but each step of the way many more lives are changed. Like ripples in a pond, your gifts affect wider and wider circles of people in need.

Our work, through you, has forever changed the lives of many employees who are fortunate to call Good Shepherd Academy their work site. Build a School. Build a Future for ALL touched by the transformative goodness of Good Shepherd Academy!